Services for governments and regulators in Europe and worldwide

Many countries aim for climate protection with high percentages of renewable energy in the electric system while maintaining or improving reliability of electric service and affordability for customers. To manage an energy transition with reliability and affordability requires frequent adaptations to the legal and regulatory framework, strong international interconnections, smart grids and conscious customer choices. His education in optimization and his ENTSO-E experience focused on benefits for society at large have prepared Dr. Staschus exceptionally well to give advice on such legal and regulatory adaptations, conscious of effects on all stakeholders and rooted in deep methodological understanding. Consulting offers for ministries, legislators and regulatory agencies through StaRGET or through Dr. Staschus' work at Ecofys include:

  • Evaluation of new international interconnections
  • Product definition for cross-border markets in all timeframes from forwards to balancing, not only in market but also in integrated monopoly or transition structures, and incl. IT architecture for smart grid data management
  • Network and grid code formulation
  • Regulation of system operator rates and infrastructure investments
  • Policy advice and legislative support for electricity system evolution, market design and international market integration, incl. capacity mechanisms and renewable energy system integration
  • Grid and system R&D priority management, implementation of RD&I results
  • Training, and mediation of cross-border regulatory disputes