About StaRGET

StaRGET provides executive-level consulting on energy transition and electricity transmission topics, based on Dr. Konstantin Staschus’ almost 40 years of utility and association experience in Germany, USA, Mexico and the EU (8 years Secretary-General ENTSO-E). “Staschus Research for Global Energy Transition” specializes on all international interfaces an electricity transmission system operator (TSO) needs to manage, and offers advice and analysis on:

  • Planning, cost-benefit analysis and contract support for new interconnections with neighbour TSOs
  • Product definition for cross-border markets in all timeframes from forwards to balancing
  • Policy advice and legislative support for electricity market design incl. capacity mechanisms, renewable energy support schemes and system integration
  • Planning for climate neutrality and sector coupling, of electricity with heating, mobility, hydrogen systems
  • IT architecture for smart grid data hubs across multiple market participants and grid operators
  • Network and grid code formulation and implementation
  • Regulation of system operator rates and infrastructure investments
  • Grid and system R&D priority management, implementation of RD&I results

For both European and global electricity market actors, Dr. Staschus offers unique insights in the EU’s electricity system, market and policies: How it all fits together, how it evolves, what are strengths, difficulties and learnings. Strong personal working relationships with several European Commission officers, European regulators or EU Member State ministerial experts strengthen Dr. Staschus’ insights. Also, with 2 decades of association management experience, Dr. Staschus can offer mediation services, building consensus and finding innovative win-win solutions to disputes arising in these fields. Training courses and strategy workshops complete the services offered.