Staschus Research for Global Energy Transition

Consulting for energy transition & electricity transmission

StaRGET provides executive-level consulting on energy transition and electricity transmission topics, based on Dr. Konstantin Staschus’ 35 years of utility and association experience in Germany, USA, Mexico and the EU (8 years Secretary-General ENTSO-E). “Staschus Research for Global Energy Transition” specializes on all international interfaces an electricity transmission system operator (TSO) needs to manage, and offers advice and analysis.

Services in Europe & worldwide

For TSOs

In his 8 years as founding Secretary-General of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, Dr. Staschus built excellent working relationships with the top managers and CEOs of all European TSOs, and with many 2nd and 3rd level managers.


For governments and regulators

To manage an energy transition with reliability and affordability requires frequent adaptations to the legal and regulatory framework, strong international interconnections, smart grids and conscious customer choices.


For electricity market actors and financial investors

The energy transition towards less CO2 emissions and more renewable energy may occur at different speeds and with different focus on different continents, but three paradigm shifts are at work everywhere in the world.


Dr. Konstantin Staschus

  • Since 2017 - Managing Director of StaRGET GmbH in Berlin and Director in Ecofys' Berlin office (part-time)
  • Since 2016 - Chair of the European Technology & Innovation Platform “Smart Networks for Energy Transition”
  • Since 2014 - Chair of Cigré’s Study Committee C1 on System Development and Economics
  • In 2009 he began his mandate as founding Secretary-General of ENTSO-E