Recent book publications

Three recent books with Dr. Staschus as author or contributor:

The European Energy Transition: An Agenda for the Twenties, Claeys&Casteels, 2020, edited by Susanne Nies and with contributions, besides Dr. Staschus, inter alia by Jacques Delors,  Philippe Lowe, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Alberto Pototschnig, Jos Delbeke, Jean-Michel Glachant, Pascal Lamy    
Electricity Supply Systems of the Future, CIGRE Green Book by the CIGRE Technical Council incl. K. Staschus, Springer, 2020 - Mehr Miteinander in Balance mit Monopolen, Globalisierung, Digitalisierung, K. Staschus, neobooks, 2020    

Recent blog entries

Opinions, interpretations and suggestions by Dr. Staschus inspired by current political, economic and technical developments, not only in energy and environmental policy, and related to chapters in Dr. Staschus' German-language book "":

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