Services for TSOs in Europe and worldwide

In his 8 years as founding Secretary-General of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, Dr. Staschus built excellent working relationships with the top managers and CEOs of all European TSOs, and with many 2nd and 3rd level managers. Strategic thinking, trust, and deep technical understanding characterize these relationships.

Decades of global cooperation within CIGRE and his current chairmanship of one out of 16 CIGRE Study Committees, as well as his 9 years work experience at Pacific Gas & Electric give him substantial understanding of other continents’ electricity industry situations.

Dr. Staschus combines this global expertise with the unique experience at the heart of the European energy transition and Europe’s successful – though not perfect – interplay of system technical issues with market and renewables support choices and with the smartening of the entire electricity system. Consulting offers for TSOs through StaRGET or through Dr. Staschus' work at Guidehouse include:

  • Planning, cost-benefit analyses and contract support for new interconnections with neighbour TSOs
  • Product definition for cross-border markets in all timeframes from forwards to balancing
  • IT architecture for smart grid data management across multiple market participants and grid operators
  • Network and grid code formulation and implementation
  • Regulatory justification of system operator rates and infrastructure investments
  • International and continental market integration, system operations rules and joint planning
  • Mediation, strategy workshops and training